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Film director, screen writer, illustrator & artist


My name is Dorte Bengtson.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I love animation and make stories come alive. I graduated from The National Filmschool of Denmark in 2008

- as a director of animated films.


I am directing a tv-series and a feature film "Vitello" these days.


when not making animated films.. I do concept design and illustrates childrens books.







+45 60518031



(2016) Vitello- tv series and featurefilm. Directing 12 episodes.

(Ja-film, Sell out pictures, Zentropa Entertainment15)


(2016) Forført. Screen writer. Director on synopsis for feature film.


(2016) Vitello- the movie. Screen writer. Director on script for feature film.(Zentropa Entertainment15)


(2015) Vitello- tv series. Directing 12 scripts.

(Zentropa Entertainment15)


(2015) Vitello digs a hole (Vitello graver et hul) 7 minutes short:

Director, scriptwriter, storyboarder. (Zentropa Entertainment15)


(2013) The Shadow Animal (Skyggedyret) 20 minutes short:

Director, scriptwriter, designer, colourstyler, background painter, storyboarder. (Nice Ninja production)


(2010) The Silent People – pilot. Feature film in development.

Director, idea (Dansk Tegnefilm2)


(2008) The Sylpphid (Sylfidden) 7.20 minutes short- Graduation Film,

Director, scriptwriter, designer, colourstyler, storyboarder.

(The Danish National Filmschool)


(2006) For stumt, 7 minutes,

Director, scriptwriter, Art director, Character designer, colorstyler, storyboarder. (The Danish National Filmschool)


(2006) Asterix and the Vikings, Featurefilm: Colorstyler (A.Film),


(2006) Bibi Blocksbjerg, Tv-series: Colorstyler (A.Film)


(2004) Lots of commercials, Paint & Composite (A Film)


(2004) Bjørno & Bingo, Animator (The Danish Filmschool)


(2001) Jungle Jack (tv-series), Colourstyler,

Head of tv-colourstyle department (A.Film)


(2001) Benjamin Blumchen, tv-series: Colourstylerassistent.


(2000) Help I'm a fish, Featurefilm:

Composite, camera & special effects (A.Film),


(1999) Run of the Mill by Børge Ring:

Composite, camera & special effects (A.Film)


(1998) Lots of commercials: Kelloggs, Tuborg, Arla etc

Composite, camera & special effects, coloring, scanning (A.Film)


(1997) Creapy Crawly, tv-series: animation.


(1996) Trainee: animation, storyboarding (A.Film)

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